Relationships and sexuality

There are people in every country, culture and society who are thinking about their sexuality.
Exploring your sexuality and developing relationships can be a positive and challenging experience during teenage years.  Society can place a lot of labels on people – especially in relation to sexuality and relationships.  At a stage where you are exploring this for yourself it is important that you take time to understand your own feelings.

There are a broad range of sexual orientations including: heterosexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian.  As part of exploring their sexuality, it is common for people to go through a  range of feelings and experiences before their sexual identity emerges.


Relationships and Sexuality

If you feel you need support, or someone to listen to in a non-judgmental way, be sure to have a look at some of the contact details below where you can avail of support and information free of charge.


Youth Health Services

021 4220490/1




Belong To

01 6706223

Sexual Violence

1800 496 496